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Your Upholstery Could Use a Deep Steam Cleaning too

Your furniture’s upholstery is very similar to your carpet in many ways. Especially in how it not only gets dirty, but is also an attractive haven for dust mites, allergens, bacteria, viruses, and more.

That’s why SteamMasters offers furniture and upholstery cleaning (right along with carpet cleaning and everything else we do.)

Our upholstery cleaning services utilize the same truck mounted deep steam cleaning that our carpet cleaning services use. This means that your furniture gets a refreshing, deep steam cleaning that uses high temperature and water extraction to leave behind nothing but “clean”.

This also means we’ll get the spots and stains that prematurely age your furniture, and we remove the additional service, dust mites, and bacteria that have found a home in your furniture.

Oh, and the drying time is lightning fast as well. In 2-4 hours, and you’ll be back in your favorite chair, just in time for the game.

We perform upholstery cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. Ask us about combining furniture and upholstery cleaning with carpet cleaning and tile cleaning for a complete “wall to wall” clean that is second to none.

We’re Pittsburgh’s favorite carpet cleaning, dry cleaning and leather cleaning service for a reason. It’s because we do the job you expect, at a fair, value-laden price, and we don’t compromise. We have the best equipment, the best people, and give the best service.

And We Back Our Work with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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Customer Reviews Great Customer Service

Robert, Pittsburgh

Cleaned a lot of upholstery (1 couch, 2 loveseats, two chairs, two ottomans and two 9 by 12 rugs and a small rug, staircase and hallway of carpet.

Tim Sullivan, who is the owner of the company is very responsive on bids and providing options for times that are convenient for the customer. He and his associate did a great job, thorough, repeated a process on a tough stain, are sensitive to the least amount of disruption as possible plus keeping everything clean and dry around the work they are doing. Everything that they worked on looks like new again. Great customer services skills and a very professional job was done. I would hire him again for these services. Thank you.