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Sleep Better than Ever on a Clean, Fresh Mattress

When you’re getting your carpets cleaned, don’t forget the mattresses as well. That’s because the same allergens and dust mites that live in your carpets also take up residence in your mattress. And since a mattress is pretty hard to “wash”, they’re there for the long term.

But not if you call SteamMasters. We’ll deep clean them right out of there, and have you sleeping easier tonight.

SteamMasters uses the same truck mounted deep steam cleaning system (that works so well on carpets) on your mattresses. The advantages to you are a fresh clean mattress that will look, smell, and even feel different. It’s hard to describe… ok, you know how incredibly clean and awesome new sheets feel? Multiply that by about 100. That’s how your newly-cleaned mattress will feel to you.

And the dry times is super-fast as well – you can take a nap about a few hours after we leave. There are reasons we use the best equipment, and fast drying times are approximate 2-4 hours (as is the best cleaning your mattress ever had.) So don’t worry – you’ll be sleeping soundly tonight!

We handle mattress cleaning for both residential customers, and Pittsburgh area commercial entities as well (hotels, assisted living facilities, medical facilities, and more.) We’re a local business, and proud of our stellar reputation in serving both our neighbors and fellow businesses.

Also, ask us about combining our services – carpets, tile, upholstery, and mattresses for a complete “wall to wall” clean.

We also back our cleaning services with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Call Us : 412-415-3035

Pittsburgh Steam Cleaning

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My mattress is almost 8 years old. I didn’t really have the budget to buy something new but when I started to notice a smell coming from the mattress I had to do something. Steammasters showed up on time and finished quickly. The smell is gone and the mattress looks great!