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Pittsburgh Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

We’re well known for being a world-class carpet cleaning service. Pittsburgh businesses are finding this out as well.

SteamMasters offers the same cleaning services to companies and organizations in and around the Pittsburgh area. This means carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, auto and upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, and more. If you have a business and want your carpets (or more) cleaned, we’re the company to call.

A few points:

  • Contract / Maintenance Services Available – We can come in one time, or we can setup an ongoing cleaning and maintenance schedule. Besides getting a great rate, you also have the peace of mind knowing your business will be clean and allergen free.
  • Cleaned on Your Terms – We can come in when your office is closed (or when you are least busy). This way, we will not interfere with business operations.
  • Fast Drying Times – This cannot be understated. Faster drying times means more time for you to conduct business. No more waiting hours for the carpet to dry – when we steam clean your carpets, you’re ready to go in 2-4 hours.
  • “Clean” is Simply Good Business – Let’s face it: customers (and employees) like “clean”. And SteamMasters ensures your business is clean, fresh, and puts its best foot forward every day.
  • VCT flooring– We’re offering VCT Floor Maintenance & Cleaning services. The finish will protect the floor and give it a beautiful finish appearance.

Contact us today for a free estimate. You’ll be happy you did.

And our “100% satisfaction guarantee” applies to businesses as well

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Pittsburgh Steam Cleaning

See what our customers have to say

Customer Reviews I Highly Recommend These Guys!

Anthoy, NorthSide Pittsburgh

I love using Steam Masters for cleaning the carpets in our rental units once our tenants move out. We used Sears in the past, and they are no match for Steam Masters! These guys are really friendly and work with you to get the carpet cleaning done at your convenience. They leave even the dirtiest carpets looking brand-new. I highly recommend these guys!

Customer Reviews We Always Call SteamMasters

Mike, Pittsburgh Rental Company

We always call Steam Masters to clean the carpets of our rental units when our tenants move out. They always get the stains out of even our worst carpets. I’ve called them the day before I needed carpets cleaned and they were able to fit me into their schedule. All of the guys that work there are very friendly and accommodating and happy to answer any questions that I had.