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Because Fresh, Clean Car Upholstery Matters

You can wash and wax a car, and even vacuum the interior and give the upholstery the once-over… but rest assured, there is nothing (and we mean nothing) quite like having your auto upholstery steam cleaned.

We handle auto upholstery cleaning for several types of customers:

  • Individual Car Owners – These are people who love their cars, and want more than a traditional “vacuum” – they want the freshness and allergen-removing that only comes from a deep steam cleaning. Ask us about combining home carpet cleaning with a car cleaning.
  • Pre-sale cleaning – A clean car fetches more on the sales market than one with spots and stains on the upholstery.
  • Fleet Cleaning – Rental companies, limo services, taxi services – if “fresh and clean” is something you want to offer your riders, then call on us to provide it, at special fleet rates.
  • Dealerships – Let us come in and give your pre-owned inventory a super sales-charging cleaning.

Just like your home, your car’s upholstery can trap all kinds of allergens, bacteria, and viruses, making allergies and similar worse, and even getting people sick. SteamMasters truck-mounted steam cleaning system handles these, and leaves your car as fresh and clean as the day it rolled off the assembly line.

We’re also working with leather interior. We utilize the same low moisture/steam approach as we do for residential carpets. Your car will be dry quickly, and will have you breathing easier.

And We Back Our Work with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Call Us : 412-415-3035

Pittsburgh Steam Cleaning

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Customer Reviews LOOKS BRAND NEW!!!!

Jerry PA

I haven’t seen my car interior this clean since the day I bought it! My car is now 4 years old. Its a daily driver for a family of 5. Its seen its fair share of spills and mishaps. I wanted to have it cleaned to renew the smell in the car, I figured the stains wouldn’t come out. I was shocked when I seen the finished result. No more dingy seats and floors, and it smells amazing! I would highly recommended Steammasters to anyone!